Hardware Developments

We Implement Innovative Ideas on Hardware

Arduino is an Open Source Platform which makes hobbyist and amateur engineer to implement their ideas on hardware. Atmega328 is limited by program memories to 32KB, SRAM to 2KB and processing is limited to 8-bit. It is easy to program, most likely for small application which require less processing.

  • We at innovative fusion have developed and integrated different modules for specific application. Modules for Internet of thing for ON/OFF of Resistive and Capacitive load has been implemented.
  • Bio-metric finger Print module GT-511C5 has been interfaced to Atmega 328, for successful biometric recognition of 500 people at a time in <1sec.
  • Slightly higher version atemga256 with more number of I/O and more processing power, was connected to IR sensor for receiving and sending data over to server via internet.
  • ENC28J60 Ethernet to Serial module was consider for connecting atmega256 to internet, having SRAM 8KB there is some scope of controlling number of variables remotely.
  • In our Real time project of counting and classifying vehicles we implemented basic entities like real time clock and SD card.
  • In today's world wireless communication with devices has become need of hour; it not only reduces the physical space and cost of laying wire but has lead miniaturization of PCB's sizes. We have taken it further in creating a wireless network which can enable N devices for inter communication of devices or data acquisition to the server. For this, we interfaced HC-05 Bluetooth and ESP8266 Wifi module using AT commands to atmega328. In controlling parameters locally over few meters users can use Bluetooth, and for controlling parameters remotely along with easy to interface users can integrate their hardare with wifi module. Being low power modules these are powered from on board power supply.

Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) is used to make products for home automation. PIR sensor is normally used for application were trigger is fired in the presence of Infrared radiation, all human being emit IR radiation in a particular band of frequency. These IR radiations are picked up by PIR sensor to trigger other electronics to take necessary actions.

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized full equipped board for any application development. There is a huge pool of talented people working on raspberry pi across the globe to create user friendly libraries that makes it a best choice for developing multitasking and Internet of thing products. Earlier we had developed internet of things modules with atmega328/256 or ENC28J60 the problems were limited to accessing remote variables, these hurdle were removed using Raspberry Pi having plenty of hardware resources and works on 5V DC. We have integrated following products:

Remote E-Door Lock

This lock will be accessed over self-created secure wifi network and using Biometric lock. The lock has a browser page which enables admin to create new logins to access lock along with creating sessions for biometric enrolment. A new user can be enrolled remotely by the admin and user in-out logs can be viewed in the admin account remotely. Our E-lock comprises of EM-lock, a controlling cum driver unit consisting of Raspberry Pi, it works on 12V DC input.

Internet of Things (IOT) – Solutions for Remote Access.

Innovative fusion team has developed a driver unit for controlling resistive, capacitive and Inductive load. Users can monitor their lights remotely using their mobile phones with the help of Applications/Browsers. User’s residential/ commercial lights can be switch ON/OFF remotely, it would on everyday basis turn ON/OFF as programmed to achieve this Solid State Relay (SSR) has been integrated. The lights would change their intensity on user’s mode which are pre-defined modes like afternoon, evening, night, sleep-off mode. We have added Web Securities for remote access of devices, to prevent eve’s dropping. As on board Operating system, maintains continuity with different modules, exceptions can be handled for smooth running of required program.